Covid-19: United Kingdom suffers deadliest day of Covid-19 pandemic with some hospitals describe as a war zone.


Report from our Medical observers are saying that UK suffered its worst day during the Covid-19 pandemic with more than 1800 deaths recorded in under 24 hours and these has lead to the the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief scientific adviser warning that some hospitals now look “like a war zone” as a result of the Virus.

With daily record toll stating that the total number of people who have died within 28 days of a positive test in the UK is 93,290 with 40,000 patients are now receiving treatment in UK hospitals.

With the Virus currently hitting hard England is in its third national lockdown approved by the government and similar measures are in place across the UK too while it was observed that the restrictions have started to bring infection rates down, officials say the death rates and pressures on the National Health Service will continue to grow if not properly checked.

According to the interview granted by the government’s chief scientific adviser saying that “This is very, very bad at the moment, with enormous pressure,” . “In some cases it looks like a war zone.”

Although Johnson reinforced the point by saying “It’s true that it looks as though the rates of infection in the country overall may now be peaking or flattening but they’re not flattening very fast and it’s clear that we must keep a grip on this,