COVID-19: Obesity and Its COVID-19 Implication persons have higher risk of complication – Expert warns


Recent warning from expert has show that individual that are obesed might suffer complication when attacked with COVID-19 Virus.

According to Dr Badmus Habeeb who is the current President Association of Resident Doctors in University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (ARD-UITH) has warned that fat persons who contract COVID-19 have higher risks of complications.

Speaking in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ilorin on Friday which he further explained that the biology of obesity includes impaired immunity, chronic inflammation and blood that’s prone to clot, all of which can worsen COVID-19 situation in the individual.

Quoting the Doctor in his own words saying that fat people were more likely to have other diseases that were independent risk factors for severe COVID-19 than average-weight persons will do.

Explaining during the interview saying that such diseases include heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, among others.

He went on furthere to also note that fat people have baseline respiratory issues which worsen COVID-19 naturally in the individual concerned.

Quoting the Doctor in his own words saying “Someone with obesity is already at risk of respiratory compromise and we already know that COVID-19 affects the respiratory system majorly.

“Therefore, predisposing the already compromised system would further worsen the person’s health,’’ he added.

He generally warned obese people to be careful as they cope poorly with COVID-19 infection.