Traditional Healing power of Ginger Lemon Juice


Long before now and  in the olden days, traditionally in African Societies it is believed that the healing power of Ginger have been embraced by many
cultures for centuries before the current days.

These Ginger medicinal root packs is a powerful nutritional punch with loaded vitamins and minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, and magnesium needed in everyday health.

Although with the addition of lemon to the mix brings it to a whole new level for us.

It is a noted fact the health benefits of ginger lemon juice are as powerful than it is seen to be. These combination will enhancing the state of the immune system thereby helping to remediate the digestive tract and also help in fighting cancer, the combination ginger lemon juice is one drink which you must drink regularly.

It can also be consumed separately but the combination of the two makes it a powerful tool that can fight or enhances the state and function of all cells in the body at every point in time.

The following should be noted as some of the Health Benefits of Ginger lemon juice.

(i) It help to improves Digestion in the Body.
It has been observed and Researched that ginger and its metabolic functions help to improve the digestive function of the body when taken regularly.

Medically Ginger is a digestive stimulant, meaning it gets the digestive juices flowing and improves how well your body digests food at any point in time.

More Studies have proved that ginger triggers the production of trypsin and pancreatic lipase, which are two enzymes that help us digest protein and fat in the body which goes further in helping to increase gastric motility in healthy volunteers.

(ii) It must be noted that another way ginger assists with our digestion is that it help to stimulates the digestive juices like hydrochloric acid from the stomach and bile from the liver and gall bladder.

With the above quality thereby making ginger a preferable supplement to have on hand when you are in the act of eating large meal.

(iii) In the act of treating gastrointestinal disorders,It is believed that ginger is useful for those who tend to get bloated or constipated. A lovely study published by the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand was able to explain that ginger can help relax the intestines during an irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) flare-up.

(iv) Other Research studies has also proved that with ginger, it provide helping provide IBS relief in over 53.3% of participants as proved.

(v)It helps in Strengthening the Immune body System.

Researcher in various field concerning the body and herbal plant have proved that Ginger is a great herb used to bolster the immune system. In the olden days it has shown these functions and is still showing it.

We all know that chronic inflammation puts a lot of stress on the immune body system by keeping it on constant high alert which in conclusion weakens the ability of the immune system to work properly and fight disease.

It must be noted that the bioactive molecules of ginger like gingerols also help fight free radicals in the body system that plays a vital role in heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and aging.

By consuming good amount of ginger,it helps to reduce your risk of these diseases by strengthening your immunity.

in the other hand Lemon is very high in vitamin C,which is a natural antioxidant that enhances the body immune system which also have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

It also help to reduce Nausea
when Ginger is used by pregnant women it help to alleviate nausea and vomiting — and science has proven its effectiveness in doing so.