Africa: Nearly 60 Million Covid-19 Vaccinations Administered Across Continent

Mozambique: How Rwandan Troops Notched Up Early Successes in Cabo Delgado – Report

Uganda: Museveni Appoints 7 Judges to Court of Appeal, High Court

Zambia: Zambians Vote for Economic Reform

Burkina Faso: National Mourning for 47 Killed in Jihadist Attack

Nigeria: Doubts Trail ‘Surrender’ of Boko Haram Members

Zimbabwe: Minister Confirms Suspect Arrested Over Death of 14-Year Pregnant Minor

Somalia: Army Kills 25 Shabaab Fighters, Govt Says

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean Young Farmers Lead the Charge in Agriculture

Somalia: Why Somalia’s Grand Strategies Aren’t Working
South Africa: Top SA Climate Scientists Sceptical

Humanity Can ‘Geoengineer’ Its Way Out of Climate Crisis

Africa: Why I’m Testing What Invasive Insects Can See and the Smells They Like

South Africa: What Lies Behind Social Unrest, and What Might Be Done About It

Ethiopia: Flash Floods in Addis Ababa Kill At Least Seven People

Tanzania: Equity Named Best Regional Bank in 2021

Uganda: Uganda to Review Labour Export Agreements With the Middle East

Uganda: Polio Immunisation to Kick-Off in October

Tanzania: Zanzibar’s Small Islands Up for Grabs in Renewed Investment Drive

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