Africa: Continent Nears 50 Million Covid-19 Vaccinations

Mozambique: Capture of Mocimboa DA Praia Only ‘The First Stage’

Africa: Africa’s Youngest Neurosurgeon and the Future of the Field

Somalia: U.S. Sanctions Al-Shabaab Leader Blamed for Kenyan Attacks

Zimbabwe: Schools to Remain Closed As Lockdown Is Extended

Nigeria: Alarm in Nigeria Over Push to Execute 3,000 Convicts

Mozambique: Misa Warns Against Threats Posed in Draft Press Law

Zambia: Cassava As Hedge Against Hunger… Perfect Insurance for Drought, Food Insecurity

Kenya: Public Servants Must Be Vaccinated By August 23 or Face Disciplinary Action – Govt

Namibia: ‘Thank You for Saving My Life’

Nigeria: Global Citizen Live Reveals Star-Studded Lineup for NYC, Paris, Lagos Events

Zimbabwe: South African Amapiano Artists Killer Kau, Mpura Die in Car Accident

Kenya: Fake Friend? UK Yet Again Keeps Kenya on ‘Red List’ but Drops Others

Nigeria: Tokyo Olympics – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly for Team Nigeria

South Africa: Court Agrees to Postponement Application, Calls for Zuma’s Doctor to Submit Affidavit

Cameroon: Indigenous People Say Rebels Kill, Deprive Them of Education and Livelihood

Zimbabwe: Ken Sharpe Awarded Forbes Best Business Person in Africa

South Africa: Special Investigation Unit Welcomes Arrest of Mpumalanga Man Over PPE Tender Corruption.

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