Simple Maintenance Culture For Iphone


The culture of keeping items clean is defendant on the user. Individual generally spend money to get the best items for themselves but always complain that their busy nature reduces their maintenance habit. Items like the iPhone brand of phones are always good looking in their stores all because their is an attention placed on it by the seller. In general users of these iPhone normally want it to look clean always but cleanliness vary from from devices with different mode in view.
Take for example the current iPhone 11,11Pro and 11Pro Maxwhich has what is called an advanced textured matte finish which needs high level of careful handing.
The most common way for cleaning the iPhone whenever you notice a stain, smear or even a scratch is to always switch off before attending to it but the latest model of the iPhone which gives the owner better hope if the witness any of the above problem.
According to Apple in their support document saying that the textured glass might show some signs of material movement from object that might have come in contact with your Phone such as denim or even items in our pocket. It is always good to note that such material transfer might resemble a scratch but can easily be removed.
Kindly follow the below procedure when cleaning the iPhone.
(i) Switch off the iPhone and unplug all cables if is an iPad. Unplug the lightning g cable and unplug any headphone in case of the iPod touch model.
(ii) Clean with a soft lint-free cloth
(iii)If stag 2 above is not giving you the result use the cloth to touch a small soapy water.
(iv)Dont wash but clean gently.
(v)Compressed air, aerosol sprays, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide according to Apple is not advisable as cleaning ways because these cleaning agent are too strong while the iPhone looks delicate.

It must be noted that every Apple product are delicate and are designed to withstand hard knocks in your pocket even in concrete and etc.
Cleaning the iPhone models regularly is the best way to protect it.