Microsoft to release the New Microsoft Surface Laptop 3+ or Surface Laptop 4 model .


Leading IT giant MicroSoft is on it again with the new Surface Laptop model could be coming soon to the market so as to compete with all Global brand..

It was also noted by IT reporters saying that four different models of the rumored next version of the Microsoft Surface Laptop have passed through certifications to enable them compete with any brand in the global market.

Although it was observed that after Microsoft released the Surface Pro 7+ for commercial use and education purposes and these lovely laptops where able to pass the certification text and will be similarly named — either a refreshed Surface Laptop 3+ or a new Surface Laptop 4.

IT epert have it that the laptops have four model numbers, 1952, 1953, 1958, and 1959 with each of these model numbers is believed to be referring to different screen sizes which could be 13-inch or 15-inch versions and they are models that appears to be listed next to the Surface Pro 7+.

It must be noted that by juding by the certifications of Laptops which does not reveal much about the specifications or the looks of the laptops themselves in physical but there is a general believe that these one that are yet to be released will have special feature better than the previous.

With rumours in the air and other observer still watching and given hope it is believed that the new Surface Laptop models could arrive as soon as April of this year 2021.

With little history in our side it has always been noted that immediately after the certification test comes the arrival of the brand as noticed with the Federal Communication Commission clearing of the Surface Duo, as well as that of a Surface Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse in 2019 year.

Based on Rumoured fact which is yet to be believed it was suggested that these new Surface Laptop models could come shipped with Intel’s latest 11th-generation processors under the hood, as well as options for AMD’s Ryzen 4000 mobile chips as quoted by IT experts

Although speculator believed that the design of these incoming laptops would likely not change when compared with the other market brand already produced by Microsoft which means there would not be slimmer bezels or the addition of a dedicated graphics card already present with previous model.

With all hand on desk we know that the Surface Laptop 4 or Surface Laptop 3+ would join the Surface Pro 7+ in Microsoft’s lineup of devices so far in these new year.