Securing the Future: Eddie Howe Pushes for New Contracts for Newcastle United Stars


Football rumours: Magpies hope new deal prevents Bruno Guimaraes flying the nest | The IndependentIn the bustling world of football, Newcastle United is on the cusp of making significant moves both on and off the pitch. As a deal for Bruno Guimaraes nears completion, manager Eddie Howe has his sights set on securing the future of two key stars, Sean Longstaff and Joelinton. In this article, we explore Howe’s ambitions and the contract situation at St James’ Park.

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Eddie Howe, the man at the helm of Newcastle United, is a firm believer in building a strong foundation. He knows that for a team to thrive, stability is key. That’s why he’s urging the club to open contract talks with Sean Longstaff and Joelinton. In his words, “I think for any player the contract is important because you want stability. You want the player to enter training and games without thinking about their future.”

Howe’s vision is clear – he wants his players focused solely on the beautiful game, free from distractions and uncertainties. It’s a sentiment that resonates with players and fans alike.

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The impending deal for Bruno Guimaraes is a testament to Newcastle’s ambition. While the details are still awaiting an official announcement, it’s widely reported that the Brazilian midfielder has agreed to stay at St James’ Park until 2028, complete with a release clause surpassing £100 million. His dedication to the club was underscored when he celebrated his goal in the recent 8-0 win at Sheffield United with a kiss to the club crest.

Eddie Howe remains discreet about the contract negotiations but provides insight, saying, “I’m taking everything off the pitch away from them. Personal issues they may have, contract issues, the football is the most important thing.” The message is clear: he wants his players to be solely devoted to their craft.

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As for the timeline of Bruno Guimaraes’ contract announcement, Eddie Howe leaves it to those handling the business side of things. He remarks, “You might know more than me, I don’t know. I’m not involved in that.” His primary focus is on the upcoming games, including the Premier League clash against Burnley.

In essence, Eddie Howe’s plea for contract talks with Longstaff and Joelinton echoes his commitment to the well-being of his players. He seeks to create an environment where they can flourish, unburdened by off-field concerns.