South Africa: Fuel Giant Ditches Pipeline Plan, Doubles Down on Gas #AfricaClimateCrisis

South Africa: What’s Happening In South African News – April 14, 2022

Africa: Covid-19 Deaths Across Continent Total More than 9.6 Million

Africa: Global Health Decision-Makers Must Mirror Humanity’s Diversity

Rwanda: Outsourcing Asylum Seekers – the Case of Rwanda and the UK

Mali: Germany Tells Mali to Halt Work With Russian Mercenaries

Cote d’Ivoire: President Announces that Prime Minister and Government Have Resigned

South Africa: KZN Floods Declared a Provincial Disaster

Kenya: Govt Assures That Ongoing Fuel Crisis Will End Within 72 Hours

Liberia: Stay or Go? Tough Choice for Ivorian Refugees Living in Liberia for Two Decades

Zimbabwe: Marry Mubaiwa Convicted

Kenya: Independent Candidates Move to Court to Be Allowed to Form Coalitions

Nigeria: Corruption, Weak Judiciary Fuel Impunity in Nigerian Army, State Security Service, Police – U.S. Govt

South Africa: Russia’s War in Ukraine – How South Africa Blew Its Chance As a Credible Mediator

Africa: Countries May Be Pushing to Revive Non-Aligned Movement, Analysts Say

Somalia: Journalists Arrested While Covering Prison Scuffle in Somaliland

East Africa: Millions Displaced Amid Growing Hunger, ‘Unprecedented Needs’ in East Africa

Kenya: Safety of Politicians in the Spotlight in Run-up to Elections


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