Mega Social Media FACEBOOK have finally added encrypted Voice and Video call to their Messenger.


It was noted that these new update will put call security on par with competitors like Zoom, Signal, and FaceTime as noted.

It was noted that the Mega Social Media outfit Facebook is adding encrypted messages to voice and video calls in Messenger as the company have as well as testing it on Instagram DMs.

Although it was observed that Facebook have offered the option for secure texts over Facebook Messenger since 2016 – although not by default
, as users have had to choose the ‘Secret Conversation’ option in the app’s menu.

It was also noted that End to end encryption is already used by other apps such as WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook, but not in every instance. If an Android user backs up their conversation to Google Drive, in order to transfer it to another device, that end-to-end encryption will not be applied to him

With these new feature which put Facebook’s video calling service on Messenger on par with Zoom, Signal, and FaceTime – all of which also offer end-to-end video calling and which Facebook describes as “becoming the industry standard for all social media platform ”.

In addition to this update, Facebook is also adding more controls features over its expiring messages feature. In the sense that Users can now select when a message will become unavailable, from between five minutes to 24 hours based on their desire.

Instagram’s encrypted direct messages, meanwhile, are currently being tested for adults in certain countries, letting them opt-in for greater security. “Similar to how Messenger works today, you need to have an existing chat or be following each other to start an end-to-end encrypted DM”, Ruth Kricheli, Facebook’s Director of Product Management for Messenger, wrote in the blog post.

Facebook has long discussed encrypting all of its messaging services, which could allow Facebook users to message WhatsApp and Instagram users directly through the app. While this would make the social network’s apps more secure, it would also make the company harder to break up in the face of anticompetitive legislation.

Finally let give it to Facebook in the sense that they do everything to protect their customer .