State Minister of Health Senator Olorunnimbe says that COVID-19 has lead to the neglect of HIV, Tuberculosis Care in Nigeria.


Quoting the statement from the Minister of state for health, Senator Olorunnimbe Mamora who revealed that the care and attention given to HIV, tuberculosis and other ailments have been neglected due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic which is currently happening.

During the interview conducted at the national briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, the minister was explaining the impact of COVID-19 saying that some benefits may have come from the pandemic, the negative impact is that the attention given to these dangerous diseases have reduced as everyone now focuses on getting solutions to COVID-19 the current Virus.

Although the minister urged all medical practitioners to forward cases of COVID-19 symptoms to approved lab centers in order to avoid unnecessary deaths currently happening.

Quoting the Minister in his own word saying “the report that many of those who died, reported late for treatment at the approved centers because they were referred late from private facilities is alarming to the ear.

He further state that “We therefore once again seize this opportunity to urge health care practitioners to promptly send all suspected cases for testing and when positive, refer them to isolation centres for treatment immediately.

He also state that attempting to treat suspected or confirmed cases not only exposes the health workers in such a facility to risk of infection but also denies the patient early access to effective treatment in an approved treatment centre in the country.”

In his statement saying “the plan of the federal government regarding activation of oxygen availability in the states is on course with a view to effecting immediate repairs of non-functional oxygen plants in all the place in the country.

He also noted in his own word saying “the result from the tests conducted on prospective NYSC members has incontrovertibly confirmed that no part of the country is free of COVID-19 disease. We safely and comfortably draw this conclusion because corps members are mobilized from all the states of the country for each of the orientation camps