Nigeria’s COVID-19 Situation Climb To 52% as a result of Non-Compliance according to Dr. Adewale


Recent interview granted by Dr. Babatunde Adewale, Deputy Director and Head, Public Health and Epidemiology Department, Nigeria Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) speaking on the increasing cases of COVID-19 transmission in the country and the way out.

The respected Doctor was able to speak on the increasing trend in the country’s infections which has persisted despite fluctuating figures 1664; 1,565 and 1544 cases recorded on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday respectively with a reason of Non compliance to the laid down rule of management the virus.

It was specifically noted that there has been an increase in the number of cases which is about 52 percent increase in the number of infections. Reason being that people are not taking precautionary measures needed to reduce the spread such as wearing masks, washing hands, observing social distances, and so on. People are not doing those in all places in the country.

According to Dr. Babatunde Adewale as quoted saying ” there is a study we want do about the people in the market, to see what is happening. In markets there is no social distancing, people do not use masks or wash their hands. And yet you have a lot of people still buying and selling. So we want to see what is going on in the markets. A lot of them do not believe that there is coronavirus.”

“Sometimes, when you tell someone about corona virus, they ask you to show them one person who has died from the virus.”.