I’m one of Real Madrid fan because i was trained by them says HAKIMI.


Based on his posting on Instagram Achraf Hakimi the 21-year-old midfielder who just joined Inter Milan on a regular basis after leaving Madrid.

Quoting the player in his own words saying that “”I never imagined this moment would have come. It’s not a farewell, however, since you can’t really say farewell to your very home. You can leave, but what you learnt and the values conveyed to you follow you, wherever you go. Real Madrid’s home to me, is where I grew up. Merengues taught me a lot, and even pampered me a bit. That’s a club which don’t merely train football players, they raise them instead. The moment I crossed Valdebebas gates, when I was 6, I could never imagine I’d have such a great time there. I hereby thank all the people working for the club, all my past trainers and teammates, and all Real supporters, since I now I’m going to be one of them”.

It must be noted that the player is also happy in Inter because he is going to get a regular shirt.