Africa: Over 9.9 Million Covid-19 Recoveries Across Continent

South Africa: What’s Happening In South African News – June 9, 2022

Kenya: Kenya’s 2022 Election – High Stakes

Rwanda: The Punishment of the Stateless ICTR ‘Migrants’

Liberia: Govt Sets New Prices for Petrol After Days of Hoarding By Importers

Nigeria: Bandits Kidnap Over 80 Villagers in Katsina

South Africa: Govt to Invest in Climate-Proof Infrastructure

Congo-Kinshasa: Belgium’s King Philippe ‘Regrets’ Colonial-Era Abuses

Nigeria: Shell to Receive Two Final Bids for Proposed Sale of Nigeria Oilfields This Week

Tanzania: Ocean More Turbulent Than Decades Ago, Says Tanzanian Fisherman #AfricaClimateCrisis

Africa: Vulnerable Nations Demand Funding for Climate Losses, Fearing UN ‘Talk Shop’ #AfricaClimateCrisis

Somalia: Somali PM Asks People to Remain in Doors Ahead of Lockdown

Cameroon: Troops Kill 9 Civilians in Separatist Region

Nigeria: Training Local Leaders in Mediation Can Reduce Violence – Positive Results in Nigeria

Africa: Act Now to End Food, Energy and Finance Crisis, Guterres Urges World Leaders

Nigeria: Ruling Party Picks Tinubu for 2023 Presidential Ticket

Zimbabwe: Drama As Prosecutor General Reverses Acquittal of Fraud Suspects

Zimbabwe: Ruling On Deliberate Infection of HIV Set for June 16

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