Africa: Over 300 Million Covid-19 Vaccinations Across Continent

South Africa: What’s Happening In South African News – June 7, 2022

Africa: Health and Wellbeing – The Bedrock to Safety, Peace and Security #WHA75

Kenya: Looming Job Losses as U.S. Dollar Shortage Bites

South Africa: Gupta Brothers Arrested in the UAE

Tanzania: Govt Devises Friendly System for GBV Victims to Report Abuses

Uganda: ‘We Shall Start From Where We Stopped’ – Besigye

South Africa: Prosecutor Throws Out Badly Prepared Case, Gets Arrested By Police

Liberia: ‘Bea Mountain Spillage Caused Cape Mount Pollutions’

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Orders Audit of Ruling Zanu-PF Party Structures

Nigeria: 4 Years After Unveiling, Nigeria Air Gets Operational Licence

Nigeria: Court Dismisses Shoprite’s Request to Vacate Order Stopping It From Leaving Nigeria

Rwanda: Growing Concerns Over Food Wastage

Kenya: The Last Hurrah – Kenya’s President Mangles the Numbers in His Final National Day Address – Again

Sudan: Countries Call for Inquiry to Release Findings on June 3, 2019 Massacre

Cameroon: Locusts in Cameroon – From Pest to Seasonal Asset

Mali: Junta Sets Two-Year Delay for Return to Democracy

Chad: Govt Declares Food Emergency As Grain Supplies Fall

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