It was noted by football observers that Raphael Varane’s imminent €50m move to premier league giant Manchester United
won’t put him among the top 10 most expensive defenders in world with both Matthijs de Ligt and Achraf Hakimi ahead of him in the table.

Although the Dutch centre-back joined Juventus from Ajax on a permanent €85.5m move in the summer of 2019, becoming the second-most expensive defender
in history and Hakimi’s €60m move from Inter to PSG this summer is the eighth-most expensive transfer involving a defender of that rating.

Onething is sure which is Hakimi’s final price which could be higher as the Ligue 1 giants can add €11m in bonuses over the years as he progresses in that club

Financial analyst where able to predict that If they end up paying the entire fee for Hakimi and these will make him become the fifth most
expensive defender in history, ahead of Manchester City’s Ruben Dias.

With history having it that Hakimi who joined Inter for €40m in the summer of 2020, but the Nerazzurri were forced to sell him after just
one season to keep the books balanced at the financila year.

Below is the current list of the top 10 most expensive defenders in history which are

(i) John Stones to Manchester City from Everton for €55.6m in 2016

(ii) Benjamin Mendy to Manchester City from Monaco for €57.5m in 2017

(iii) Achraf Hakimi to PSG from Inter for €60m in 2021

(iv) Aymeric Laporte to Manchester City from Athletic for €65m in 2017

(v) Joao Cancelo to Manchester City from Juventus for €65m in 2019

(vi)Ruben Dias to Manchester City from Benfica for €68m in 2020

(vii) Lucas Hernandez to Bayern Munich from Atletico Madrid for €80m in 2019

(viii) Virgil van Dijk to Liverpool from Southampton for €84.6m in 2018

(ix) Matthijs de Ligt to Juventus from Ajax for €85.5m in 2019

(x) Harry Maguire to Manchester United from Leicester City for €87m in 2019.