145 million daily active users now on Microsoft Team.


Report from Microsoft officials have stated that the company’s Team group-collaboration platform now has 145 million daily users, which is up from 115 million daily users

The Tech giant which is known as a big player in the industry are really impressed to have seen these app grow continuously on a daily basis.

Although it was noted Last April when Microsoft app was at 75 million daily active users and Microsoft officials have said the rapid growth of the product is in large part fueled by the need for remote work during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic which is contributing to the success of their story.

According to Microsoft Corporate Vice President Jeff Teper tweeted the new Teams number today and the 145 million number was as of the end of March 2021, which was the end of the fiscal third quarter for the company.

According to him saying that the Teams is part of Microsoft’s “Commercial cloud” category and also is part of its office commercial products and cloud services revenue category too.

It must be noted that the Teams began as a group-chat platform but Microsoft has been turning it into an almost operating-system-like product over time by extending its capabilities and features to other things

Although Microsoft announced in February that it was adding more integrations between Teams and Dynamics 365 — as well as others of its services. Today, Microsoft announced that Dynamics 365 revenue growth was up 45 percent over the previous year’s quarter.