Top Swedish Car Manufacture Volvo says it will only sell electric cars by 2030.


Swedish automaker Volvo is currently saying that it will only sell electric cars by 2030 after phasing out all diesel, petrol, and hybrid options in an effort to reduce global carbon emissions in the world.

Although according to statement from the company who aimed at selling most of his produced car before moving to the electric version by 2025 but is now saying that the new strategy is an “acceleration” of this goal driven by “strong demand” for its electric options.

The Swedish company believes that future sales of its electric cars in “coming years” will be online-only and these will be more easier than before.

Basedon information which we know that Volvo is owned by Chinese conglomerate Geely who where able to launched their first fully-electric car which is the XC40 Recharge last year and the market position ws very encouraging which is also a factor taken into consideration for now.

The other Volve electric car which is the SUV had a roughly 200 mile range and can charge its batteries to 80 percent capacity in 40 minutes.

Quoting the Swedish car representative saying “In our time with the car, we noticed it to be an “impressive blend of Swedish ingenuity, crossover utility, and electric performance,” though shipments to the US are currently delayed while Volvo waits on a crucial software update.

Volve believes that by making its future family of electric cars available for sale online only and these will put volvo in a class with similar brand like Tesla.

Selling the Volvo electric car online makes it similiar to Tesla that move to e-commerce method of selling theirby helping Tesla to cut operating expenses, and presumably Volvo is eyeing similar benefits which Tesla is currently enjoying on the sale of their car online.

With some analysis done by volve and they believe that by investing “heavily” in its online sales platform while offering customers fewer products with more transparent pricing for them to decide on.

According to statement from Volvo spoke person saying that “To remain successful, we need profitable growth. So instead of investing in a shrinking business, we choose to invest in the future — electric and online, We are fully focused on becoming a leader in the fast-growing premium electric segment.”

Based on statistics from Volvo research which hammered on the fact that there is simply “no long-term future” for cars with internal combustion engines, and it’s not the only automaker to come to this conclusion for now which they are looking at moving electric.

According to UK top car manufacturer Jaguar who is planning to go electric by 2025 with another UK car manufacturer Bentley looking at hitting the electric market by 2030 and all these information has made it to conclude that going all-electric is more feasible for higher-end brands.