380 COVID-19 Cases as reported by Chine in South Of Beijing


Recent report by world Economic power Chine saying that more than 380 people have tested positive in a growing COVID-19 outbreak south of Beijing in China’s Hebei province.

Although Hebei health authorities said that 40 new cases had been confirmed in the last Sunday morning thereby bringing the total to 223 with another 161 people tested positive but showed no symptoms.

It was well noted that the outbreak has raised particular currently as Hebei borders the nation’s capital. Travel between the two has now been restricted, with workers from Hebei having to show proof of employment in Beijing to enter the city for now.

With research showing that almost all the cases are in Shijuazhuang, the provincial capital, which is about 260 kilometers (160 miles) southwest of Beijing with a handful also been found in Xingtai city, 110 kilometers (68 miles) farther

The chinese authorities in both cities have conducted mass testing of millions of residents, suspended public transportation and taxis, and restricted residents to their communities or villages for one week to reduce the outbreak of the disease.

Earlier these Sunday, China’s National Health Commission willing reported that 69 new cases had been confirmed nationwide the previous day with most of them in Hebei. The others included 21 people who had arrived recently from overseas into the country.

With Beijing having only new case, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 32 in a smaller outbreak that surfaced about three weeks ago.