The New iPhone 12 Design And What You Have know About It.


Telephone Giant Apple have come out openly to confirmed the delays in the iPhone 12 a few months ago, signaling that its September quarter will not include any iPhone 12 sales.IT Reporters noticed a number of rumors that said
Apple would launch a couple of new iPhones in late October but the remaining two Pro models set to arrive later in November unfailingly according to them.

The Phone company Apple did schedule an online-only press event for September 15th, but it was only featuring the next-generation Apple Watch but one thing must be noted here is that other Apple products are expected at the show, including the new iPad Air and 8th-gen iPad and not the iPhone 12.Although we won’t really know until next week.

Phone frisk are waiting to see if the new design will be a far better than others with a brand new video leak that shows the purported design of the iPhone 12.

Reporter are keened that the iPhone 12 release date has been delayed on account of the novel coronavirus, with Apple now expected to unveil the iPhone 12 series in mid-October if the date is followed as expected.

A short video leak has shown us the purported design of the iPhone 12 Pro, including the significant design changes expected for this year’s iPhone new generation phone.

Let talk of the new design  in line with earlier rumors, but the rear camera layout is much different from the leaks we’ve seen for the past six months.

Like a regular year, iPhone 12 preorders would have started on Friday, a few days after Apple’s mid-September iPhone press conference, But a tiny pathogen ruined everything about normal life of display. The coronavirus pandemic has forced governments to impose lock downs and travel restrictions in the early months of the pandemic with an attempt to contain outbreaks or spread. It must also be noted that some countries were more successful than others, but the restrictions impacted everything in everywhere. The new iPhone generation wasn’t spared either, and Apple found itself forced to delay the manufacturing and launch of the iPhone 12 series earlier than the previous onces.

According to a YouTuber “EverythingApplePro” posted on Twitter a some hours ago on clip of the iPhone 12 Pro chassis, a vital information component of the handset that seems to confirm the phone’s final design.
The new iPhone 12 will have features that makes it a significant design change since the iPhone X started. It must be noted that Apple has dropped the rounded edges of the iPhone X in favor of flatter edges like the old iPhone 5 and newer iPad Pro models.

Let consider Rumors saying the new iPhone series would offer a combine character between the iPhone 4 design and the iPad Pro when it comes to the metal frame, and this video seems to confirm that.

Quoting the Youtuber
saying ”
Here it is! Official iPhone 12 Pro chassis leak. Confirms mostly same camera with new LiDAR placement, flat sides, magnet cutouts & smart connector-like 5G antenna? This seems to confirm the 6.1 Pro model will get LiDAR too. October can’t come soon enough.”

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The clip also gives us a look at the rear panel and the main camera, and what we are looking at the cutouts for three primary sensors other are the smaller holes which will hold the flash and the LiDAR sensor with the same extra sensor that Apple introduced with the iPad Pro earlier this year, which will be used for augmented reality (AR) features on these devices.
It should also be considered that the camera bump doesn’t seem to be as prominent as expected, and it’s a lot different from earlier leaks we saw on video that suggested the LiDAR sensor would be much larger.

Other features changes are the SIM tray placement, which has moved to the left side of the handset wile on the right side, there’s a strange cutout that might accommodate the extra 5G antenna the iPhone 12 Pro requires to connect to 5G networks anywhere wile in use.